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Streamlined Permit Application

Easy for users to complete — easy for your district to customize


Innovative Facility Reservation Request Form

Once a group has created their account, they can login and submit facility use requests using our intuitive, web-based permit application.


Customizable Permit Questions

Districts can customize the permit application questions (add questions, change text, reorder questions, etc.) to obtain the information needed to process approvals.


Flexible Date Handling

The permit application supports both one-time and recurring events.

Powerful Permit Processing

Monitor, centralize, and adapt permits for streamlined operations and processing


Permit Management & Searching

The My Permits page allows for monitoring of permit applications and features powerful permit filtering/searching by dates , facility, school requested, status, and group name.


Centralized Permit Details

The permit details page provides all the information needed to review and process the permit application including the group information, integration with IRS database for non-profit exemption validation, requested use, insurance documents, invoices, payment processing, and permit history.


Adaptable to Your District's Permit Approval Process

Easy permit processing with full support for a customized approval process based on your district's approval process!


Review of Insurance Documents

Groups can easily upload insurance documents required for permit approval which can be reviewed and approved by the district office.


Quick and Flexible Invoicing

Easily generate invoices populated with group information and automatic fee calculation based on approved usage and district fee schedule.


Automatic Email Notifications for Requests and Approvals

Automatic email notifications are sent to outside groups and district/school staff for each step in the permit application process. Email text can easily be changed by district office staff.

Intuitive Calendaring

View, schedule and share all school calendars with the click of a mouse


Calendar Views

The calendaring process provides the flexibility your district needs to view facility reservations. The events from each approved permit application are automatically calendared. Activities can be filtered by site, facility, and status.


Direct Calendaring of School Sponsored Events

Schools sites can easily schedule site specific activities and bypass the permit process (if enabled by the district to do so).


Shared Calendars

School activity calendars can easily be shared and linked to from the school's website or opened in Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar!

Other Useful Features

Reporting, online payments and mobile permit validation provide additional streamlining and quicker cost-recovery


Insightful Reports

You can easily review all your permits with the help of the Civic Permits reporting feature. So simple, it allows you to filter, download and review all approved and monitor pending permit applications. You can even run usage and revenue reports, as well as outstanding balance and invoice reports.


Online Payments

No more making trips to the bank to deposit checks… Accept payments online with Civic Permits. Support for non credit card payment payments (sent by mail and delivered in person) is supported in Civic Permits as well.


Mobile Permit Validation

State-of-the-art use of QR Codes can be printed on approved permits so the Civic Permits mobile app can be used to scan permits to validate the permit and group use of school property during the approved times.


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